Trendy Christianity

The Bible has no disclaimer saying “this might offend you, read with caution.” Similarly, this post will have no disclaimer at the end telling you that what you read is “to each his own.”

Let me tell you something, Christian to Christian, believer to believer. Maybe you are not a believer, but you have noticed this trend with your Christian friends. Here it is: WE (Christians) ARE MIRRORING THE WORLD.

What? Let me explain.

In trying to be inclusive and loving to everyone, which in itself is a good thing, we are becoming no different than the world around us, except for the big fat Christian label we place on ourselves. This is dangerous.

With that being said…listen. The church is not for us. It is not a sanctuary for ourselves. The church’s purpose is to glorify the Most High, the Father of the Universe, the Creator of life. Its purpose is to learn about Him, to honor Him through our fellowship, to love in the name of Christ.

Hip music. Concerts. All black. MacBooks. Densely highlighted bibles. Big churches. Blogs. Coffee shops. Enos. Perfect Instagram’s. Bible apps. Cool shoes. Hebrew tattoos. Journals with pages and pages of calligraphy.

If you took all of it away, would you still be in love with Christ?

This has become a new and hazardous comfort zone for so many Christians (and non-Christians). Christianity now has a concrete “look.” We know what to do. We know what songs to sing. We know the cool bloggers and the trendy speakers. We know what to wear.

A couple of days ago, I attended the Passion Conference in Atlanta. A woman who I respect immensely, Beth Moore, came and spoke some powerful words. I was deeply convicted about something God had placed on my heart for months now. She alluded to this…

We, millennial Christians, are sacrificing the truth of the Christian faith for “love’s sake.”

The TRUTH that we are abandoning is this: we are no longer foreigners in this land. We blend in. We make following Christ easy, lukewarm, concrete, hip, and fun.

Let me tell you this. We are called to be foreigners, outsiders, temporary residents.

1 Peter 1:1 calls us EXILES.

1 Peter 1:17 calls us FOREIGNERS.

1 Peter 2:11 calls us SOJOURNERS.

I do not know about you, but I am tired of living “trendy.” I can never keep up. It is exhausting. It is like high school all over again. I want to live by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Book, my convictions, through worship and praise. What an adventure!

What I am NOT saying is this: coffee shop fellowship and intense Christian jam sessions are bad.

What I AM saying is this: when our lives no longer reflect the cross, when our lives are comfortable, when we no longer hurt, when worship becomes something to put on Instagram, when we value ourselves and our image more than Christ, when shortcuts in our Christianity become the norm, when we no longer reflect on our own sin, when we gain a taste for inclusiveness but lose a taste for God, when are motifs are self-righteous… that is when it all becomes blasphemy.

Yes, world, use social media and artwork for the glory of God. Use instruments and fill arenas with people to glorify God. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT. But also let us die to self. Empty ourselves of our own ambitions. Suffer for Jesus. Bear disorder. Become comfortable being uncomfortable. Lose our pride.

Let us Christians become like Christ in His death.


64 thoughts on “Trendy Christianity

  1. That truth will preach just fine, Girl!!!! And as God says, “if you hold onto my teaching, you really are my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-33). Isn’t that what our hearts long for–to be free in Christ Jesus, living abundant lives with reckless abandon for HIS glory???? 🙌 Keep on shining the light, Faith, and keep being a voice in your generation! Proud of you and love you, Girl! 💗


    1. You have such an excellent blog site! After reading a few of your posts, I can tell I’m in a similar boat as to struggles and seasons of life I have gone through as well, and it’s very encouraging and uplifting to know that as Christians in their 20s, we aren’t alone when we go through these different chapters of our life! From one blogger to another, I just want to let you know that you’re doing an amazing job with this passion God has clearly given you 🙂


    1. I don’t think she meant the hurt that brought you to Christ. When we hurt for others or for the world. When we mourn for those who will not believe. We do get in our comfort zones and lose that desperation for Him and to heal the spirituality dead, we don’t grow or grow the Kingdom.


      1. Oh! Well in that case, of course! You are correct. When we become numb for the need for the gospel, we lose our love for Him.

        However I’d argue that means we must remain in the world in order to feel the hurt for the lost! When we remain in the church all the time and go from “holy huddle to holy huddle” we lose our love for the lost. On the flip side, if we completely remove ourselves from the church we can lose our love for Jesus.

        So, yes! If it’s that kind of hurting then yes, if we grow comfortable we lose that realization of the need to spread His Holy Name.


    2. As believers we are called to a life of suffering through the process of sanctification. Is there joy? Absolutely! However, every day should reflect the battle for our souls as we die to ourselves in order to grow and become more like Christ. There is also the natural hurt of being a stranger in a strange land. Because we’re Christians, we don’t fit in, and sometimes it’s painful to realize that we should not live selfish lives like the ungodly. This doesn’t only apply to sinful activities, but the selfishness of living for our own comfort and glory. Jesus himself was a “man of sorrow” and “had no place to lay his head”. He also experienced a life of wonder and joy while his ministry led him directly to the cross. I hope that’s a helpful perspective for you to consider 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Moments and commented:
    Oh preach! This is something I’ve been feeling for a long time, & this fellow Jesus lover put it into words perfectly! THANK YOU! I’m going to follow up with my own thoughts soon, but for now here’s this.

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  3. I have been alarmed by this trend for a long time. Having the cool tattoos, motorcycles, hipsters outfit complete with hat and scarves and ironic lingo….too much emphasis on exterior life, not interior. God calls us to be in the world, not of the world.

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  4. You definitely make some valid points. Very well written, I love your insight when it comes to enjoying all of these things but if we took them away would we still be in love with Christ? I think this is a creative way to look at it all! Thank you for writing this 😊

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  5. I don’t think that having coffee, an upbeat band, etc, is bad. We no longer wash feet at the door, wear veils in church, dance (early worshippers did dance), play the same instruments the first churches did, etc. Churches do need to adapt to the culture, PROVIDED the Word of God is taught, doctrine is sound. But I do know many of those types of churches have lost the message of salvation with all of the love, love, love, forgetting that we are sinners saved by grace.


  6. Melissa, I assume that you meant and not As for the truth you’re referring to, it is ONLY found in the holy Bible, not the watchtower or the book of Mormon. The Bible stands on its own as perfect Truth.


  7. Reblogged this on Enter Wonderland and commented:
    Powerful reminder as we start the new year – are we changing ourselves to better model Christ or to model Christians?

    “Live the cross, it ain’t a chain or design ’cause sin is wack,
    Don’t wear one on your chest if you don’t bear one on your back.”
    -Pick It Up, Andy Mineo

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  8. Yes, yes, yes. This is amazing. I’ve felt so lonely in these past couple months in college trying to find people that are after more than this “trendy” Christianity.

    Let’s deny ourselves, and become like Him in life, in pain, and in death.

    Thank you for this very vital reminder, sister!

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  9. Wow, this is so good, girl! I am a fellow blogger and love reading blogs by other believers who are not afraid to speak the Truth. We can’t be ashamed in these last days. I love this. I would love it if you check out my blog!

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  10. Hi Faith…Thanks for standing up and speaking unadulterated truth with no apology. Your generation is not the first generation of Christians to have a certain “look” or expected behaviours that have nothing to do with the Gospel. But your generation has pressures and challenges like none of us older (not old, just older!) folks ever had to experience. But take heart! The darker the darkness, the brighter the light. May you all (ya’ll) millenials have the courage to stand for truth, the wisdom to know truth, the grace to stand strong but still love powerfully and the voice to speak truth to a hurting and dying world. You are a great model of these things, Faith. May God bless you.

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  11. I have worked so hard to try and be the “Trendy Christian” lately and this really humbled me and made me realize it’s so much more than that. I went on to read more of your posts and they are simply incredible. A lot of what you say seems to fit right into my life. Would love to talk to hear more about you 🙂


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