My 5 Spotlight Pinterest Boards

Fashion Inspo

My “Fashion Inspo” board has all of the neutral colored, comfy vibes that inspire my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are second hand, so I like to look at this board before I take a much needed trip to Goodwill or Plato’s Closet.

Cutesy Homes

My dream is to renovate a cute little home in Nashville, TN and turn it into a lil air bnb. My “Cutesy Homes” board gives me all of the ideas I need for when I get to this point in my life. These little petite homes give me all the cozy, country, winter feels.


If you don’t have a mood board, are you really an avid pinterester? (is that a word?) These quotes give me the mojo and inspo I need to get through the week. I use these as my phone backgrounds throughout the week… it is so fun.

Home Decor

I can’t believe I’m going to be moving on my own so soon. I guess that’s part of graduating?? My “Home Decor” is a balance of white + earth tones, minimalistic style decor, and fluffy pillows. I hope to decorate my future space like this.


Last, but definitely not least, my “Hustle” board is a compilation of tips and tricks to be successful in my career. It has everything from branding ideas to content generation to resume writing.

Now that I have shared with you MY favorite Pinterest boards, I want to know what kind of Pinterest Boards you have, or the one that you draw inspiration from! Leave a comment below or send me a message! I can’t wait to check them out. 

Stay Rad, 


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