4 Must-Have Money Apps For Young Adults

Whatever stage of life you are currently in as a young adult, whether that be starting your senior year of college, beginning your first real-world job, living on your own, etc., knowing how to manage your money seems a bit overwhelming.

Personally, it has been a lot of trial and error with my spending. I am learning to say “no” to a lot more purchases, but it has been made easier (and more rewarding) with some very useful tools.

So, I’ve made it easy. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite apps/websites that I use almost daily to help me manage, save, invest, and budget my money well.


Acorns is a great way to invest your spare change without even thinking about it. Every time I swipe my debit/credit card, Acorns automatically rounds my purchase up to the nearest dollar. That extra money is being saved for my future, which is a super easy way to save for retirement and invest in my future.


If you are anything like me, you are constantly online shopping. Before checking out, I google discount codes for whatever online store I am buying from. Honey automatically applies the dest deals to whatever I am buying- which saves me so much time and money. Honey always gives the best savings, perks, and value.


Mint is a simple way to create a budget- especially if you are like me and have never made one before. Balancing bills, groceries, gas, travel, etc. is nearly impossible if you don’t know where your money is going. Mint puts all of my money in one place- combining all of my bank accounts into one central location. It creates suggested budgets based on my spending that I can adjust as needed. On top of that, I get unlimited access to check my credit score without hurting my credit.

Receipt Hog

This is a fun app that helps me keep track of all of my receipts (especially in case I need to return something). I snap a picture of my receipt in the app and get bonuses for doing so. Every time I upload a receipt, I get a chance to win at the “Hog Slots,” take a survey, etc. Eventually all of this adds up to coins that I can redeem for prizes, such as gift cards or cash.

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