Who I Am

Welcome to my mess! If you do not already unnamed
know, my name is

Two words that define me: talkative and over-friendly. (like to the “too-friendly” extent).

Born and raised in the south,  I say “ya’ll” a lot more than I should.

I have one pretty rad sister who is tall and beautiful and is really good at make-up.

My two dogs, Tybee and Harper, are my precious angels and I like to show people pictures of them a lot.

The T.J. Maxx clearance isle, thrifting, and breakfast foods are all things that make me very happy.

Also, I am navigating through my twenties like it’s my day job (or… my actual life, whatever).

But to get serious for a minute, I want you to know my heart. 

God has placed this elephantine size fervor in my heart to be a testament to high school and college girls. If you do not know what the word “elephantine” means… here is the definition for you:

  1. of, resembling, or characteristic of an elephant or elephants, especially in being large, clumsy, or awkward.

I want to be the person I needed when I was younger. Even with all my largeness, clumsiness, and awkwardness, God has given me this desire to be a listener, encourager, and friend to those who need it most. So here is a safe space to share what God HAS brought me through, what He IS bringing me through, and everything in between.

The dynamics of each post will differ depending on what season of life I am in, which I think is something really cool.

So check out my messy sanctuary to get confirmation that you are never alone in what you are going through! Also, I want to get to know you. So do not ever feel intimidated to reach out. Let’s get breakfast.

Stay rad,


14 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. A friend posted your article about how modern Christianity looks a lot like the world and a lot of Christians have become lukewarm. It is true and I agree.

    I wanted to enter to tell you to pray and seek God about it because it is actually dangerous for the Church when we stop following Jesus with that fwrvant heart. As it says in Revelation Jesus will “spit out of His mouth” the lukewarm Christian.

    The reason I am encouraging YOU to seek the answer is because I feel with your heart for spreading the Gospel to kids in school, you are very uniquely placed to do Jesus’s Kingdom work in ensuring the next generation stays on fire for God!

    God bless you abundantly Faith. You are a mighty woman of God and your work for the Kingdom brigs Him joy.


  2. Your article articulated a restless feeling in my heart concerning the church. Lately, I’m nervous to even lift up Scripture around my “Christian” friends. “Feelings” override simple truths. I’m mom to six kids at home who struggle to live the truth if God’s Word in thier daily lives…a wife to an amazing husband/father who works hard in the world all week and we honestly feel on guard at church. This shouldn’t be. Please keep sharing…inspiring this generation! ❤️

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  3. Hi Faith, I just happened upon your blog through Facebook. What a blessing and encouragement your posts have already been to me, after reading just a little bit! I am a high school graduate, not in college just working, single, and wondering what’s next for me. Trusting in the Lord’s plan for my life has been a journey and I know it will continue to be. Thank you for your openness and wisdom. God is using you in mighty ways. I look forward to reading more of what you will share!!

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    1. I am so glad you can be encouraged through this! AMEN! Thank you for sharing and HE is faithful in ALL things. Praying for your next steps. Thank you for your sweet words. Means the world! Blessings ❤


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