My People

Here are women who inspire me, adventure with me, and are my ultimate shoulder (body) to lean on. Get to know my girls!

Meet Gabby:

“My names Gabrielle Howard,  I’m a recent Georgia Southern University ADPI graduate!
STORY: The Lord radically transformed my life my freshman year of college, that process began to start senior year of high school… and honestly it hasn’t stopped since. High school was rough it had its ups and downs between a gruesome divorce, heart break, and trying to find myself. I always believed in God… although I didn’t know he believed in me too.  I think this Hailee Steinfield lyric describes it best “I didn’t know I was starving till I tasted you” haha. It’s true though I was starved on religion, but I found satisfaction and abundance in relationship. 
PASSION: One of the significant pieces that lead to that realization was a 6-week trip to Kolkata, India my freshman summer of college. The things God taught me could never be confined to a paragraph, but I got a glimpse into my passion. Loving and serving the lost and broken. We worked with victims of sex trafficking many of whom who had been beaten bruised abused and abandoned. To say the least, lost and broken women. I believe my heart and passion lies in between these lines because I’ve been there. My goal is to start a business to provided a sustainable means of alternative income for victims, and teach them bout God’s love. 
Advice: GIVE IT ALL TO GOD. God cares about you and your future!God can do more with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread then I ever could. So I’m going to chose to give him my tiny 2 fish & 5 loaves of a life down to every last crumb so that I can watch the miracle he will perform with my life. 

Meet Katie:


“The better part of my teens most of my college days, I was totally convinced I had found the abundant life at the best fraternity party, with the hottest date, the finest outfit, and a deliciously strong cup of hunch punch in my hand. I was popular, I had friends and boyfriends….I WAS INCOMPLETE.
When the makeup came off, the drunken buzz turned into a terrible headache, and the guy that promised forever never called again, I started to realize this life wasn’t so abundant after all. Then I heard the story of the woman at the well from John 4. The woman was desperate to feel loved. She kept searching for love in a husband.  Failed relationship after failed relationship left her feeling empty.  Jesus met her there and offered eternal water so she (I) would never thirst again. After falling head over heels with this man name Jesus, about a year later, He gave me someone who would give me a glimpse of how much my heavenly father loves me by sending me my husband, Bryan.
My passion is to communicate to women in my same former (totally adorable) shoes that true love and happiness is not found in the arms of a guy or vodka (ew).  I looked very hard in both areas and found myself empty, EVERY TIME. 
My advice to women would be this: your body is a jewel worth far more than the world has taught you.  Protect your body and guard your heart.  You and your future husband will thank you.”

Meet Carli:


“Hello everyone!!! I’m Carli Salzberg and I am a senior now at Georgia Southern University. Ugh that hurts to say out loud. Anyways, I felt the Lord tugging on my heart a little over a year ago to share my testimony of how God has completely transformed my life after a painful past that consisted of abortion, drugs, alcohol, broken relationships, and everything else that this world had to offer me. I took time, specifically a whole year, to take time away from dating and investing in any other relationship other than the one I was in with Jesus.
If I were to give any girl a little advice, it would be to find out what it’s like to fall IN LOVE with Jesus.  Because I guarantee you when you open that beautiful little door that He has been knocking on, you will ONLY accept the love that He has designed for you. <3″
Georgia Southern University-Senior
“Have you ever been told to remove your bandage after being hurt? It’s the craziest thing. You’d think that after you’ve been scratched, cut, or wounded people would suggest that you keep the bandage on forever or at least until you see a permanent healing. Bandages feel better. Your wounds aren’t exposed therefore your pain can’t intensify. On the flip side, if you keep a bandage on, you will never fully heal.
In essence, that’s my story. For 12 years, I kept kept an emotional wound bandaged and wondered why I could never heal. Opening up about my past seemed impossible, so I bundled up my secrets and buried them deep inside. Consequently, I suffered with so much shame and regret, that even the thought of my past ushered in an ocean full of tears. I pleaded with God to free me, but the funny thing is, I held the key to my own prison. The key to living free was being vulnerable and opening up about my past, shining a light onto the darkness.  
As comforting as a bandage may seem, it’s only there to cover up a sore that needs healing. Secrets are an incubator for shame. Be vulnerable, share your story. Jesus died so we could live free.”

Meet Blakeley:


1. Hey peeps my name is Blakeley Bowman I am 22 years old (yikes) seniot at Georgia Southern University. I am studying to become an Elementary School Teacher. ALSO I am a ice cream loving, Christ following, becoming whole, type of gal and I love Faith Williams so much.
2. Testimony’s are so special. They are truly specific to each person and no one has the same one. BUT one thing that is the same is our God; HE is the same and His love through our “time-lines” is so abundant- truly loving us through the good and the bad. My testimony is still in the works and I think it will always be in the works. Some things that have shaped my testimony are boys, family, and friends, and just my over all over walk with the Lord. I have seen how broken my heart has been over boys I was chasing because I thought I knew better. I have been surrounded by a loving family but I have also been so broken by them too. I have seen the beauty in friends and that some are only there for a season. Walking with the Lord I have seen Him shape me, construct me, break me down to only build me up in to the precious light He knows I am. These things are apart of me, my life, and my testimony & the Lord is the planner behind it, loving me through my whole “time-line”
3. A piece of advice I would give to any girl is that if you are broken, see the beauty in your brokenness- see the light that God is shining in your life. Position yourself to become whole, in every aspect of your life. & most of all know how worthy you are, worthy of a God that loves you no matter what.”

Meet Michaela:

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“Hello:) I’m Michaela Thomas; I’m a freshman at Georgia Southern University. I grew up in a Christian home with a loving family, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 6. I always saw God as a distant person instead of someone who wanted to be involved in every detail of my life. In 8th grade and into 9th was when this thought process started to catch up with me. I was always anxious, and I just didn’t feel fully satisfied. It wasn’t until the summer after my freshman year in high school that I realized what it means to really love Jesus and be in a relationship with Him. He doesn’t want to be distant; He wants to guide you, love you, and bring joy to you in every aspect & situation. This is an ongoing process as you go deeper and deeper in your relationship with Him, just as it would be in any relationship. Nothing but joy and peace and completeness have come from surrendering my life to Him. There will be trials, but I always know I have the Lord to comfort me and wrap me in His arms during those times.
My advice for any girl would be that the things of this world will never make you happy. There is far more joy found in the Lord than anything that this world has to offer. That being said, the Lord doesn’t want to keep you from these things because He is a God of right and wrong. The reason that the Lord doesn’t want you to be of the world is that He knows what’s best for you, and He loves you enough to want you to have the best. Don’t stay contained in your bubble of self-righteousness, but love people wholeheartedly and without judgment, just how Jesus loves us in all of our filth.”