Can Someone Who is Saved Return to Their Old Lifestyle of Sin?

Old patterns of sin will gradually diminish and be replaced with Godly patterns of living.  We can not lose hope because we still sin.  Sin has consequences, but with the Holy Spirit, we will quickly grow tired and weary from our sin. God is patient with you and He will complete his work in you.

2018: I Am Taking My Life Back.

I lost everything I knew, without warning; quickly and with no time to adjust. Depression roared loud in my ear and crept vigorously into my veins. I ran towards toxicity. I ran towards people I should not have trusted to help me heal. I ran towards the path that felt good under my feet. I became a master at escaping from myself. I wanted out of my life. I wanted to trade. I wanted someone to live in my body for a day and understand how painful and hard it was. I wanted to sleep.